What is a competitive salary in 2020?

Need a staff upgrade? Or looking to make a career move? The Robert Half Salary Guide has the information you need to help ensure your search for top talent or a new position is a success. The guide keeps you up to date with starting salary ranges, the latest hiring trends, tools you need to recruit top talent and much more. Download the Salary Guide for Finance & Accounting, IT and Administration now.

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Know what the job's worth

Compare starting compensation for positions in Finance, IT and Administration and customize them for your market. Everything you need to identify salary trends and set your hiring budget or negotiate a job offer is at your fingertips.

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Get more than just salaries.

Find out what skills are hardest to hire for (and help move candidates to the front of the line). Discover which perks and benefits job seekers crave most.

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Learn about the latest hiring trends.

Get insight into the latest trends affecting the demand for talent, like emphasizing a strong company culture, so you can find the right candidate, hire quickly and keep them happy.

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It is our job to find the ideal match – the perfect candidate for the job. This is by no means necessarily the candidate who boasts a complete resumé and impeccable references. Our employees have a very good instinct for candidates who match the cultural fit and have the ability to develop their true potential with the right employer.

Sven Hennige, Senior Managing Director

Why use the Salary Guide

Employers are competing in a fierce hiring market today and the challenges are growing. Skilled workers are already employed. Top candidates are courted by multiple companies. Recruiting and retaining the best people require staying current on hiring and salary trends. That's where Robert Half comes in. We published our first Salary Guide in 1950. Since then, we've been known as the leading source for comprehensive and highly accurate salary and hiring data.

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