2019 Salary Guide

Our 2019 Salary Guide offers detailed insights into the employment market along with salary trends that can provide you with the accurate information you need when developing your hiring strategies or looking for a new job.

  • Salary ranges for more than 60 jobs
  • Most in-demand positions & skills
  • Hiring market trends per sector
  • Key retention and development strategies
  • Trends in remuneration packages and starting salaries

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General salary trends: The total package is the decider

When new staff are taken on, decision makers in Human Resources will need to expect to lose top candidates during the recruitment process when more attractive offers come along from competitors.

With this in mind, Human Resources are prepared to make a special case and increase the salary offer to applicants offering particular specialist skills. In 2018 nearly seven out of ten top candidates were offered a higher salary than originally envisaged. Subsequently, companies must factor in a "buffer" for higher salary requirements in their remuneration budgets.

Companies wanting to win over and retain the best candidates for the long term must put together an attractive total remuneration package. This includes a gross salary in line with the market, as well as flexible working hours, working from home or remote working options, the choice of a good pension scheme, reimbursement for public transport costs and training and development opportunities.

However, by ramping up their benefits employers will only partly solve the current shortage pf specialised staff. It will be much more a question of offering packages to suit the individual and the particular corporate culture.


Finance and Accounting

Competition for top performing talent has intensified within accounting and finance - an issue which is compounded by the impact of digital and automation on finance skill sets. In order to keep retention levels high, businesses are increasing accountant salaries or offering more flexible benefits to employees.


IT Sector

Digitalisation brings with it enormous challenges. The growing need for specialist IT staff is being covered neither by training nor by inward migration of skilled professionals. By 2020 Swiss organisations are expected to have a shortage of around 25,000 IT experts.
To win over candidates and retain employees for the long term in the company, CIOs have prioritised initiatives such as flexible working times, additional benefits and the raising of salary levels. Find out more in our 2019 Salary Guide.


Office and Administration

Support, HR and administrative roles are more important than they’ve ever been. Emphasis is being placed on employee-centric business approaches and positive work experiences, both of which require a robust HR and administrative team. Performance-based bonuses and benefits are being awarded to qualified professionals.