Salary Guide 2021

Recruiting trends and average salaries

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How much should I earn — or pay?

Whether you have to find suitable employees as a hiring manager or you are looking for a new job yourself: You should know what the average salaries on the market are. With our salary overview you can check how competitive your company's salary package is. As an applicant or employee, you receive valuable background information for a confident appearance at salary negotiations.

Benefit now from exclusive insights into several thousand successful placements. Our salary overview offers you real salary ranges for positions in the financial, IT and commercial sector.

Know what the job's worth

Which salaries are common for which position? This salary guide tells you how much you should plan for a position or how much you can ask for as an employee.

Get more than just salaries

Find out which positions are the most difficult to fill. Discover the perks and benefits that are offered to applicants to recruit them as employees.

Learn about the latest hiring trends

Discover what developments are on the horizon in the job market. This will enable you to recruit specialists in demand at an early stage, hire them quickly and retain employees in the long term.

Top 2021 trends

The coronavirus has turned the business world upside down - and not just temporarily. The path to hybrid work - on-site and remote - has been paved and offers advantages for all those involved.

At the same time, the new flexibility also brings challenges, for example in team leadership and recruiting. In the new working world, new skills and positions become important, while others become less important. At the same time, employees' priorities are shifting. You can find out more about this in our salary guide.

The Covid 19 pandemic has at best provided a temporary pause for breath in the labour market. Our data shows that competition for qualified employees will intensify rather than calm down in some industries.

Download the current salary guide.

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