Professional further training

Further training for your career:

Today’s working world changes fast and with it also the requirements of every employee. In order not to get left behind, lifelong learning is essential. However, your personal further training should be well-prepared.

Assess requirements

The first thing you should think about is what you need for your career. What future developments can be identified in your sector? Then take a very careful look at your job and what its requirements are. Are additional language or computer skills necessary for example, or would you like to improve your knowledge in the area of project management? Perhaps your boss has taken on new responsibilities that also result in new challenges for your work.

Set goals

When it comes to further education and training, you need to use your own initiative. When you have analysed which additional training is useful for your job, start planning it. Where is the right kind of training offered? Time planning is also very important. By when do you want to have acquired the new qualification? How much time can you invest in your further training?

Options in your company

The first thing you should do is find out what further training options your company offers and which ones you need to go to an external institute for. Internal further training is usually tailored especially for the requirements of work at your company. Many companies have their own programmes or work with external training companies that offer seminars. If there is an option suited to you, then discuss your internal further training plan with your boss.

Think outside the box

If the qualifications you need are not offered internally, you should research external providers. Even if further training needs to be financed from your own pocket, it’s always an investment in the future. Make sure that the external training company you go to is “cutting edge”: is the company well-known in your sector? Does it know what requirements are important for your job and does it know the latest developments? Once you have acquired this information, you can get started!